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Regular eye exams are important

Comprehensive primary and medical eye care

For professional optical services, schedule an appointment with Tawas Bay Optical. We know how to take care of you and your eyes for the best vision possible. We have an optometrist and 2 opticians on staff. We offer both primary and medical eye care.

Meticulous optometric services

  • Eye examinations

  • Digital retinal photography

  • Eye disease screening

  • Diagnose  Cataract

Schedule an appointment for your next eye exam

We want your frames to fit correctly. We'll adjust them for free! We also offer discounts when you buy more than one pair of glasses.

Get discounts when you buy more than one pair of glasses

Take care of your vision by scheduling an appointment today!

Tawas Bay Optical is also your number one source for contact lenses as well as quality designer frames and lenses. Most insurance accepted.


Skilled optical services

  • Standard and specialty contact lens fitting

  • Colored contacts

  • Sports vision options

  • Prescription and non-prescription eyewear